Germ Lynn, Writer & Cellist

On this episode of Rendering Unconscious Podcast, Dr. Vanessa Sinclair interviews Germ Lynn, a writer and cellist living in Brooklyn, NY. Vacillating between non-fiction and “black out” poetry, they interrogate memory by lacerating the body text, generating new forms through a process of personal healing. Their work has been described as “brutal, luxe, reflective and compassionate and investigates themes of horror, trauma and ultimately, forgiveness.

Germ Lynn contributed blackout poetry to the upcoming anthology Rendering Unconscious available from Trapart (

Germ and Vanessa co-curated a compilation album entitled COVEN via the label Highbrow-Lowlife, which was released October 31, 2017. The song at the end of the episode is “What?” by Germ’s band Invisible Candy and can be found on the compilation COVEN available at

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Photograph by Germ Lynn

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