Rendering Unconscious is a podcast hosted by Dr. Vanessa Sinclair, a psychoanalyst based in New York City and Stockholm. Dr. Sinclair interviews psychoanalysts, psychologists, philosophers, creative arts therapists, social workers, artists, poets, writers, scholars and other clinicians and intellectuals about their process, work, current events, activism, mental health care, diverse theoretical lenses and various worldviews. Episodes also include lectures given and recorded at various events hosted by Dr. Sinclair internationally.

Rendering Unconscious is also a book! To be published in 2019 by Trapart, the anthology includes a collection of psychoanalytic writing and contemporary poetry addressing current events, politics, the arts, culture and theory. The result is an eclectic, cross-disciplinary venture leading the reader through a variety of viewpoints traversing psychoanalytic theory and practice, mental health care in America and across the world, the grassroots efforts of clinicians and students to revitalize the discipline of psychoanalysis in particular and mental health treatment in general, and the dynamism of such discourse. The inclusion of poetry and creative writing sprinkled throughout the more stringent academic essays gives the reader a breath of fresh air, illuminating the expression that is possible through the synthesis of creative and intellectual domains.

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Each episode of Rendering Unconscious podcast is accompanied by artwork and music reflective of the episode theme, as Dr. Sinclair is an artist, poet and psychoanalyst and believes in the essential nature of the process of creation.

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