Dr. Vanessa Sinclair is a psychoanalyst and artist based in Sweden, who works with people internationally. Her work focuses on the breaking down of systems – societal, inherited, and internalized – and the importance of scansion in psychoanalysis and art. 

Dr. Sinclair is the host of Rendering Unconscious Podcast and a founding member of Das Unbehagen: A Free Association for Psychoanalysis. She sits on the International Advisory Board of the journal Psychoanalysis, Culture & Society and is an Editorial Advisor for Parapraxis Magazine

She is the author of  Scansion in Psychoanalysis and Art: The Cut in Creation (2021), as well as two books of cut-up poetry The Pathways of the Heart (2021) and Switching Mirrors (2016). 

She is the editor of Rendering Unconscious: Psychoanalytic Perspectives, Politics & Poetry (2019) and co-editor of Outsider Inpatient: Reflections on Art as Therapy (2021) with Elisabeth Punzi, On Psychoanalysis and Violence: Contemporary Lacanian Perspectives (2019) with Manya Steinkoler, and The Fenris Wolf vol 9(2017) and The Fenris Wolf vol 11 (2022) with Carl Abrahamsson. 

Her most recent book is Psychoanalytic Perspectives on the Films of Ingmar Bergman: From Freud to Lacan and Beyond (2023).

For more information, feel free to contact: vs [AT] drvanessasinclair [DOT] com

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Photo by Carl Abrahamsson