Rendering Unconscious welcomes Dr Katharina Rothe to the podcast!

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Katharina Rothe, Ph.D., is a clinical psychologist, psychoanalyst and psychosocial researcher. She is a graduate of psychoanalytic training at the W. A. White Institute in New York, where she also teaches the course Gender, Sex & Sexuality. Alongside maintaining a private practice in New York City, she is widely published in academic journals and books on psychoanalysis, qualitative methods in psychoanalytic social research, sex and gender, anti-Semitism, racism, the aftermath of National Socialism and the Holocaust. She is a co-editor of the German journal Psychoanalyse. Texte zur Sozialforschung [Psychoanalysis, Contributions to Social Research] and on the editorial board of Contemporary Psychoanalysis. Together with Daniel Rosengart (John Jay College, CUNY) and Steffen Krüger (University of Oslo) she has just completed the translation of the essay In-Depth Hermeneutical Cultural Analysis (1986) by the late psychoanalyst, sociologist and Critical Theorist Alfred Lorenzer [1922-2002]. It will be published with UIT (Unconscious in Translation) in 2020.

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Link to Dr. Rothe’s article on “Psychoanalysis and the Political” on Psychoanalysis Today.

You may also find her articles on “Intimacy: Inner Space and Relating with Others” and “Psychoanalysis in the Epicenter of the Pandemic

Alfred Lorenzer (1986) “In-Depth Hermeneutical Cultural Analysis” [Tiefenhermeneutische Kulturanalyse]. In: A. Lorenzer (Ed.) Kultur-Analysen. Frankfurt/Main: Fischer.

Link to a special issue of the journal Psychoanalysis, Culture & Society volume 15, 213–220 (2010) where Lorenzer was introduced to the Anglophone world. Peter Redman, one of the editors, also did the line edits for our translation of the essay.

Jonathan House – The Unconscious in Translation

The Sigmund-Freud-Institut, that Lorenzer was also a part of at his time.

Dr. Rothe’s ‘doctoral parents’ Drs. Thomas Leithäuser and Elfriede Löchel.

The International Research Group for Psycho-Societal Analysis of which Leithäuser was a founding member. This year’s conference was of course cancelled due to the Covid pandemic.

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