Today I speak with Sarah Tomley, co-founder of Who the hell is…? with Alice Bowden. A wonderful series of books exploring the life, times and ideas of the world’s greatest thinkers: “Ideas don’t come from nowhere. So we asked our authors to look at the lives and cultural influences of some towering intellectuals – as well as their most ground-breaking ideas – to see how it all fits together. Not only that, but we have deconstructed their academic jargon into plain English, so you don’t have to…”

Sarah Tomley originally studied philosophy at university before working in book publishing for more than 20 years. As editor and commissioning editor for some of the UK’s most prestigious publishing houses, she has commissioned many bestselling reference books including The Philosophy Book (DK) and the award-winning The Psychology Book (DK). More recently she has trained in counselling and psychotherapy, and her latest book – What Would Freud Do? (Cassell & Co., London) – has been translated into 11 languages. Sarah also co-authored The Children’s Book of Philosophy, The Sociology Book, 100 Events That Made History and Lady Penelope’s Book of Cocktails (because life can’t always be serious). Sarah edits the books in our Who the Hell is…? series.

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Rendering Unconscious is also a book! Rendering Unconscious: Psychoanalytic Perspectives, Politics and Poetry (Trapart, 2019):

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In this episode the debate between Professor Mark Soms, University of Cape Town and Professor RD Hinshelwood, University of Essex is mentioned: “Is Neuroscience Saving or Destroying Psychoanalysis?”

The work of Iain McGilchrist is also discussed.

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