Rendering Unconscious is a podcast hosted by Dr. Vanessa Sinclair, an American psychoanalyst based in Stockholm. Dr. Sinclair interviews psychoanalysts, psychologists, philosophers, creative arts therapists, social workers, artists, poets, writers, scholars and other clinicians and intellectuals about their process, work, current events, activism, mental health care, diverse theoretical lenses and various worldviews. Episodes also include lectures given and recorded at various events hosted internationally.

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Rendering Unconscious presents a talk by Dr. Ray O’Neill, a psychoanalyst practicing in Dublin, Ireland. This talk is entitled “Double Double, Toil and Trouble, Psychoanalysis Burn and Surrealism Bubble” and was first presented at the Psychoanalysis, Art & the Occult conference in London, May 2016. In this episode, Dr. O’Neill addresses the Double in psychoanalysis and surrealism, specifically through a Lacanian look at the work of Salvador Dali. The Fenris Wolf vol 9 – an anthology of the collected papers from the Psychoanalysis, Art & the Occult conference, including Dr. O’Neill’s paper – can be found at

Freuds 1922 paper, “Some Neurotic Mechanisms in Jealousy, Paranoia, and Homosexuality” moved psychoanalytic discourse beyond narcissism as the bedrock for homo-sexual desires, arguing paranoia as another cause. This was the first paper of Freud’s Lacan officially translated in 1932 utilising Freuds theories for his doctoral research, investigated homo-doublings and homo-sexuality within paranoid structures, delusions and manifestations.Just as Freud universalised homosexual unconscious wishes, so Lacan normalises paranoid delusions, not as false meanings but personal ones, psychical functions of representation. Both Freud and Lacan would attract the attention of Dalí precisely because of these theorisations on paranoia, narcissism, ideal-egos, with not a little sublimated homosexuality being informed. Dalí’s Metamorphosis of Narcissus illustrates these psychoanalytic queries, motivated consciously and unconsciously by Dalí’s own personal questions, paranoia and sexuality which converged around his own actual double, the original Other Salvador Dalí, his dead older brother.

Dr. Ray O Neill MA, MSc, MPhil is an Irish writer and psychoanalytic psychotherapist working in private practice in Dublin, Ireland. As Ireland’s only resident male Agony Aunt, Ray works significantly (and sometimes with significance) with the media in discoursing love, relationships, and desire in the 21st century. Current research includes explorations of the inter-relations between contemporary desire and technology; and that transmission of trauma across generations, with particular emphasis on the Irish experience.

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