Rendering Unconscious welcomes Damien Patrick Williams back to the podcast. Damien Patrick Williams is a PhD candidate at Virginia Tech in the Department of Science, Technology and Society. His research areas include ethics, epistemology, philosophy of technology, philosophy of mind, nonhuman intelligence, machine consciousness, comparative religious traditions, human biotechnological interventions and the occult.

You can follow his work at:

Mr. Williams contributed to Rendering Unconscious the book. “Better than This” in Rendering Unconscious: Psychoanalytic Perspectives, Politics and Poetry (2019).

Mr. Williams’ essay “Stealing the Light to Write By” is part of the anthology Spirits of Place (2017) edited by John Reppion.

Mr. Williams contributed the article “Daoism, Buddhism and Machine Consciousness” to the forthcoming The Fenris Wolf vol. 10 (2020) edited by Carl Abrahamsson.

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For more, listen to Mr. Williams’ previous discussion on Rendering Unconscious RU13: DAMIEN PATRICK WILLIAMS on philosophy, technology, machine consciousness, ethics, the occult

Mentioned in this episode:

Aimi Hamraie, Kelly Fritsch “The Crip Technoscience Manifesto

Ashley Shew’s NSF Grant

Cynthia L. Bennett, Os Keyes “What is the Point of Fairness? Disability, AI and The Complexity of Justice

Ruha Benjamin, ‘Race After Technology

Anon Ymous, Katta Spiel, Os Keyes, Rua M Williams, Judith Good, Eva Hornecker, Cynthia L Bennett, “‘I am just terrified of my future’—Epistemic Violence in Disability Related Technology Research

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Portrait of Damien Patrick Williams