On this episode of Rendering Unconscious, I speak with Jason Haaf, a writer living in Brooklyn, New York.  His non-fiction writing centers on memory, childhood, relationships and identity. Love Case, his debut novel, is a diary-esque series of short stories focused on sexuality, and the growth and experience that comes from repression.  His short story “A Wilderness” is featured in Issue 7 of Hello Mr. Magazine, and he has contributed Love Cases to the upcoming issue of Warm Brothers Magazine

Jason Haaf contributed poetry to the upcoming anthology Rendering Unconscious (Trapart Books, 2019).

The zine Jason refers to is Doable Guys by Kyle Anderson and Lena Green.

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The track at the end of the episode is “A Slightly Sexual Way of Living” from the album Switching Mirrors upcoming from Erototox Decodings. Words by Vanessa Sinclair. Music by Carl Abrahamsson.

Artwork by Vanessa Sinclair