For this episode of Rendering Unconscious Podcast, Robert Shehu-Ansell presents on androgyny in the work of Austin Osman Spare. This lecture was presented at the Psychoanalysis, Art & the Occult conference, Candid Arts Trust, London, May 2016.

Robert Shehu-Ansell (b.1965) is a publisher, art dealer, curator and scholar. His field of expertise is esoteric art of the 20th century with a specific focus on Austin Osman Spare. Through his company FULGUR ESOTERICA he has represented esoteric artists in book form since 1992. In recent years he has also gained note as an independent art curator specializing in the esoteric. Robert is also the publisher and art editor of Abraxas Journal, which has been described as ‘today’s pre-eminent voice for the serious study of occult and esoteric expression.’ He has been interviewed for the BBC Culture Show, the blog Boing Boing, and Dazed and Confused.

Papers from the Psychoanalysis, Art & the Occult conference were collected into The Fenris Wolf 9, available as a limited edition hardbound with special limited edition print of the cover artwork signed by the artist Val Denham.

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Robert Ansell is introduced by Derek Elmore. The work of Charlotte Rodgers and Peter Grey are also mentioned, all of whom are also included in The Fenris Wolf 9.

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Dr. Sinclair is the editor of Rendering Unconscious: Psychoanalytic Perspectives, Politics & Poetry (Trapart Books, 2019), On Psychoanalysis and Violence: Contemporary Lacanian Perspectives (Routledge, 2018) co-edited with Dr. Manya Steinkoler, and The Fenris Wolf, vol 9 (Trapart, 2017) co-edited with Carl Abrahamsson. Dr. Sinclair is the author of Switching Mirrors (Trapart Books, 2016) and Scansion in Psychoanalysis and Art: the Cut in Creation (Routledge, 2020).

Dr. Sinclair facilitates lectures, events and conferences internationally and is a founding member of Das Unbehagen: A Free Association for Psychoanalysis

The track playing at the end of the episode is titled “Unconscious Sexuality” from the album “Message 23“. Words by Vanessa Sinclair. Music by Carl Abrahamsson. Available from Highbrow Lowlife.

Many thanks to Carl Abrahamsson, who created the intro and outro music for Rendering Unconscious podcast.

Image of Robert Shehu-Ansell.