Rendering Unconscious welcomes Joanna Fortune to the podcast!

Joanna Fortune is a psychoanalytic psychotherapist specialising in the parent child relationship. She is author of the 15 Minute Parenting series and Parenting consultant on the Sean Moncrieff show NewstalkFM. She is founder of Solamh parent child relationship clinic.

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Check out her website and Ted Talk, as well as her podcast, weekly parenting show at Newstalk FM and YouTube channel.

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In this episode we discuss Switching Mirrors: Cut-up poetry first published in 2016.

The Freud Lacan institute was mentioned in this episode, specifically a recent course with Bice Benvenuto “OBERSVATIONS ON CHILD PSYCHOANALYSIS: IS NOT ANALYSIS ALWAYS A CHILD ANALYSIS?” We also discussed ongoing events via The Freud Museum, London.

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Vanessa Sinclair, Psy.D. is a psychoanalyst based Stockholm, who sees clients internationally, specializing in offering quality psychoanalytic treatment remotely and online. Most recently, she authored Scansion in Psychoanalysis and Art: the Cut in Creation (Routledge 2020). Her other books include Switching Mirrors (2016), The Fenris Wolf vol 9 (2017) co-edited with Carl Abrahamsson, On Psychoanalysis and Violence: Contemporary Lacanian Perspectives (2018) co-edited with Manya Steinkoler, and Rendering Unconscious: Psychoanalytic Perspectives, Politics and Poetry (Trapart Books, 2019). Dr. Sinclair is a founding member of Das Unbehagen: A Free Association for Psychoanalysis.

The track at the end of the episode is “A Vehicle” from the album The Pathways of the Heart (for Jess) by Vanessa Sinclair and Carl Abrahamsson. Available at Bandcamp from Highbrow Lowlife.

Music for intro and outro of Rendering Unconscious Podcast by Carl Abrahamsson.

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