Rendering Unconscious welcomes Carl Abrahamsson back to the podcast!

Carl Abrahamsson (b. 1966) is a Swedish author, artist, musician and filmmaker. For this episode of Rendering Unconscious podcast, he presents his lecture “Carl Jung – Myth Maker,” originally given January 14, 2018.

“In the development of concepts like the “archetypes” and the “collective unconscious”, Carl Jung not only looked at isolated myths in themselves but also at their artistic expressions. He claimed that there is an impulse-generating layer in the psyche that is shared by all human beings and that can be directly accessed through introspection, dreams, the study of myths and personal, artistic work. A certain culture can possess a more rational or “civilised” construction than another but the basic psychological foundations are in essence the same globally. Jung’s travels around the world and his collection of data confirmed his theories and became an important part of his system. In this lecture I talk about Jungian concepts, the importance of myths and how we could possibly re-enchant the world with a little help from this influential Swiss psychologist and artist.”

For more, check out Carl Abrahamsson’s books The Devil’s Footprint (Trapart Books, 2020), Occulture (Inner Traditions, 2018), Reasonances (Scarlet Imprint, 2014), and Mother Have a Safe Trip (Trapart Books, 2013), as well as his edited anthology series The Fenris Wolf volumes 1-10 (1989-2020). You may view his films at Trapart Film or Vimeo on Demand, and check out publishing company Trapart Books, Films & Editions.

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The track at the end of the episode is “I’m in love with a witch” by Carl Abrahamsson, remixed by knifesex. From the album “The larval stage of a bookworm (remixed)” available from Highbrow Lowlife.

Many thanks to Carl Abrahamsson, who created the intro and outro music for Rendering Unconscious podcast.

Image from Carl’s Abrahamsson’s Occulture lecture series