On this episode of Rendering Unconscious, Swedish author, artist, musician and filmmaker Carl Abrahamsson presents his lecture “Intuition as a State of Grace” on the similarities of the creative process in art and ritual. To listen to his previous talk “Formulating the Desired” on the similarities between ritual magic and psychoanalysis, please visit RU7: CARL ABRAHAMSSON ON FORMULATING THE DESIRED: PSYCHOANALYSIS & RITUAL

Please find his books:

Occulture: the Hidden Forces that Drive Culture Forward (Inner Traditions, 2018)

Reasonances (Scarlet Imprint, 2014)

His ongoing series The Fenris Wolf via Trapart Books

This lecture is also available to view at YouTube:

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The song at the end of the episode is “Altruistic Selfishness” from the album “O Time Thy Pyramids”by Carl Abrahamsson.

Many thanks to Carl Abrahamsson, who created the intro and outro music for Rendering Unconscious podcast.

Portrait of Carl Abrahamsson by Val Denham

Photo by Vanessa Sinclair