Today’s guest on Rendering Unconscious Podcast is scholar and professor of psychoanalysis and philosophy Alenka Zupančič. Dr. Zupančič has authored many books, including the following works in English:

Ethics of the Real: Kant and Lacan (London: Verso, 2000):

The Shortest Shadow: Nietzsche’s Philosophy of the Two (Cambridge, Massachusetts; London: The MIT Press, 2003):

“The Fifth Condition,” [in:] Think Again. Alain Badiou and the Future of Philosophy (London: Continuum, 2004):

The Odd One In: on Comedy, preface by Slavoj Žižek (Cambridge, Massachusetts; London: The MIT Press, 2007):

Why Psychoanalysis: Three Interventions (Aarhus University Press, 2008):

What is Sex? (The MIT Press, 2017):

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