On today’s Rendering Unconscious, I speak with artist, writer, professor and yoga instructor Matthew Kennedy Volcofsky. With a BA from Eugene Lang College, NYC and MFA from Interschool, CalArts in Film/Video & Creative Writing, Volcofsky integrates the theories of Lacan and Levinas into his work, which ranges from fiction and film to playwriting, theater, performance, authentic body movement and yoga. Visit www.volcofsky.net

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Volcofsky is facilitating the next remote AND NOT authentic movement lab on April 15, 2020.

He currently has a viral exquisite corpse project ongoing, working during and with the coronavirus epidemic. Please visit Terminal Lucid COVID-19 blog to witness and/or become a part.

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Book: A Sacred Misunderstanding by M. Kennedy Volcofsky

The Limit (Willy Apollon text) was mentioned in this episode.

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Institute for Expressive Analysis was mentioned in this episode

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