Rendering Unconscious is a podcast hosted by Dr. Vanessa Sinclair, an American psychoanalyst based in Stockholm. Dr. Sinclair interviews psychoanalysts, psychologists, philosophers, creative arts therapists, social workers, artists, poets, writers, scholars and other clinicians and intellectuals about their process, work, current events, activism, mental health care, diverse theoretical lenses and various worldviews. Episodes also include lectures given and recorded at various events hosted internationally.

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On this episode of Rendering Unconscious Podcast, host Dr. Vanessa Sinclair speaks with Craig VI Slee, a writer, poet, consultant and theorist, who lives in the North West of the UK. Born with Cerebral Palsy, and latterly a partial-foot amputee, he is a full-time wheelchair user whose work covers the intersections between disability, environment, philosophy, storytelling, magic and myth. He blogs at

Mr. Slee contributed writing to the anthology Rendering Unconscious: Psychoanalytic Perspectives, Politics and Poetry (Trapart Books, 2019) edited by Vanessa Sinclair, as well as to The Fenris Wolf vol 10 (Trapart Books, 2020) edited by Carl Abrahamsson.

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