Today’s discussion is with Dr. Derek Hook, Associate Professor of Psychology at Duquesne University in Pittsburgh and Professor of Psychology at the University of Pretoria. A former lecturer at the London School of Economics and at Birkbeck College, he is a psychoanalytic practitioner, and the author of Six Moments in Lacan.

Reading Lacan’s Ecrits book series edited by Derek Hook, Stijn Vanheule and Calum Neill: Reading Lacan’s Ecrits: From ‘Signification of the Phallus’ to ‘Metaphor of the Subject’

And the very recently released, Reading Lacan’s Ecrits: From ‘The Freudian Thing’ to ‘Remarks on Daniel Lagache’

Upcoming Ecrits conference at Duquesne University, Pittsburgh, October 11-13, 2019

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