Rendering Unconscious Podcast is hosted by psychoanalyst Dr. Vanessa Sinclair, who interviews psychoanalysts, psychologists, scholars, creative arts therapists, writers, poets, philosophers, artists and other creatives & intellectuals about their process, world events, the current state of mental health care, politics, culture, the arts & more.

Alois Sieben is a PhD candidate at Simon Fraser University, who studies the Internet from a Lacanian perspective, writing about the lost object of internet searches. He is a contributing writer to Lacan Salon. Visit his AutoFreud website. Follow him at Twitter.

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The work of Matthew Flisfeder, Clint Burnham and Jodi Dean is mentioned in this episode, as is:
Lo and Behold directed by Werner Herzog 
Clouds of Sils Maria directed by Olivier Assayas
You by Caroline Kepnes
Kill All Normies by Angela Nagle
Taipei by Tao Lin 
Liveblog by Megan Boyle
Caroline Calloway
Cat Person by Kristen Roupenia


Vanessa Sinclair, Psy.D. is an American psychoanalyst now based Stockholm, who sees clients internationally, specializing in offering quality psychoanalytic treatment remotely and online. This may be of interest for freelancers, students, people of varying abilities and those who live rurally and may not otherwise have access to psychoanalytic treatment, those who work from home, have small children, or may be homebound. This is also a useful framework for people with active lifestyles, who are constantly on the go – entrepreneurs, creatives, business people, actors, ex-pats. For those who often travel, the ability to see a high quality clinician remotely aids continuity of care.

The track at the end of the episode is “We Crossed Over” by Carl Abrahamsson and Vanessa Sinclair from the album Pandemic Response Division curated by Michael Esposito and available on Bandcamp.

Many thanks to Carl Abrahamsson, who created the intro and outro music for Rendering Unconscious podcast.

Artwork: The Wolf Man’s Dream by Sergei Pankejeff