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Andrew McLuhan is a Media Educator and Associate Editor of the Winnipeg School of Communication’s journal, Winnsox. He is a husband, father, poet, writer, teacher, craftsman, and explorer. Involved with McLuhan Studies for over a decade, Andrew was responsible for the inventory and evaluation of Marshall McLuhan’s “working library” and presents on the subject widely. Marshall McLuhan’s working library is now located at the University of Toronto’s Thomas Fisher Rare Book Library and has recently been added to the UNESCO Memory of the World Register.

Andrew studies the work of Marshall and Eric McLuhan and gives speeches and workshops on subjects related to their work in media, culture, and technology. In 2017, Andrew conceived and formed The McLuhan Institute as an organization to preserve and promote McLuhan studies, as well as to use them to carry forward the never-ending work of understanding human innovation and its consequences with an eye toward an actual ecology of the media.

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