This episode of Rendering Unconscious Podcast is “Enigmatic signifiers waiting for translation: an overinclusive metapsychology of gender and sexualities by Jean Laplanche,” a lecture given by Dr. Nicolas Evzonas presented on the 25th October 2018 in Buenos Aires, Argentina, in an interdisciplinary meeting on « psychoanalyses and sexualities ».

Dr. Evzonas holds a PhD in Greek Literature. He is an analytically oriented therapist with an institutional and private practice in Paris. He is also a researcher and lecturer at the department of psychoanalytic studies in Paris Diderot University. His scholarly work has received numerous distinctions and awards, and he is the author of some forty articles in the fields of literature, cinema, psychopathology and psychoanalysis, published in French, English, Greek and Portuguese. His main interests focus on trans identities and countertransference at the intersection of metapsychology and gender studies. He is currently working as a co-editor of a special issue of the American monographic journal Psychoanalytic Inquiry on “Psychoanalysis and Contemporary Issues in France: Sexualities, Gender, Classe and Race ».

As Dr. Evzonas mentions in his talk, Laplanche’s work has been translated into English via psychoanalyst Jonathan House and his publishing agency, Unconscious in Translation.

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